Glass Patio Cover for Everett, WA

Whether you want to keep out the sun, rain, wind or snow, an outdoor patio cover is a valuable addition to your property. American Patio Covers Plus offers a unique style of acrylic and glass covers to protect your patio and ensure it looks great as well. If you want a custom outdoor patio cover for your home in Everett, WA, call us today.

What We Do

We custom make patio covers to provide the highest-quality materials and styles. We handle the design, manufacturing, and installation so you can feel confident that all the work is done by skilled hands. You can choose between acrylic or glass for your custom outdoor patio area, and each one has its own benefits.

Our acrylic options are lightweight and durable, allowing them to outlast more vulnerable materials like wood and avoid the need for frequent repairs. Our unique design also allows them to block UV rays, withstand storms and weather, and still let light through.

When you choose a glass patio cover, you get a different style with many of the same benefits. When it comes to our products, you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and function; you can have both.

Whether you want an enclosure or an acrylic/glass backyard patio cover, we will ensure you get what you need in Everett, WA. Call us today at 360-658-7281 for a free estimate.