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Living in the Pacific Northwest means weather conditions are unpredictable and damaging to outdoor living spaces. A patio cover from American Patio Covers will protect your outdoor space from harmful UV rays, without blocking natural light, and overcome snow, high winds, and intense heat. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

American Patio Covers

Manufactured using the most weatherable polymer on the market, American Patio Covers’ Acrylic and Glass sheets outperform other covering products like fiberglass, polycarbonate and PVC products. Our team of professionals has helped homeowners build and install Patio Covers with confidence for several decades, from the smallest cover to the largest enclosure. When you work with us, you are working with a hands-on, dynamic company that is willing and able to assist you every step of the way.

Our aluminum T-Bar roof system has been used for decades using Acrylic or Glass sheets, guaranteed to last with our 30-year warranty against yellowing.


American Patio Covers


Our Acrylic sheets are 10mm thicker than the competition, giving it the strength to outperform any product in the market. ACRYLITE® IMPACT Double-Skinned Acrylic Sheet (also available in multiple solar tints, ACRYLITE® IMPACT) is key to our structural, durable, maintenance free T-Bar roof system. Acrylic sheets have been proven to block harmful UV rays, without blocking natural light, and overcome snow loads, high winds, driving rain and intense heat. You'll soon discover in virtually all aspects that no product can compare.


Our Glass panels, engineered to perfection using the most weatherable solutions on the market, provide the clarity and view that some unique applications require. Using the same T-bar roof system, our patio covers are built to last. Contact our team of pros to get started today.

Aluminum Railing

American Patio Covers

Attractive, Affordable, Maintenance Free Aluminum Railing

Whether for style or safety, from a simple collection of top quality components, our railings are the perfect finishing touch to any patio or deck project. Our clean designs are offered in many resilient colored finishes and are quick and easy to install. Our incomparable quality products are complemented with prices that can’t be beat. Send us your project details and allow us to provide you with a detailed quotation.